libfq 0.6.1 Documentation

Ian Barwick

This is the official documentation of libfq for use with Firebird 2.x and later. It describes the functionality supported by the current version of libfq.

Table of Contents
I. Overview
1. libfq background
2. libfq installation
II. Data types
3. libfq data type support
III. Functions
4. libfq functions
A. Release notes
A.1. Release 0.6.1
A.2. Release 0.6.0
A.3. Release 0.5.1
A.4. Release 0.5.0
A.5. Release 0.4.3
A.6. Release 0.4.2
A.7. Release 0.4.1
A.8. Release 0.4.0
A.9. Release 0.3.0
A.10. Release 0.2.0
A.11. Release 0.1.4
A.12. Release 0.1.3
A.13. Release 0.1.2
A.14. Release 0.1.1
A.15. Release 0.1.0